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Healthcare providers play a key role in helping employees stay at work or return to work safely.  MN RETAIN can assist providers and their patients by shortening needless time away from work.

MN RETAIN is a program to shorten needless time away from work for employees who have a medical condition that limits their ability to do their jobs. RETAIN aims to prevent job loss and improve health outcomes by incorporating a safe and early return to work as integral to a patient’s recovery and treatment.

Studies show that being active and returning to work are critical components to achieving good health outcomes after an injury or illness. There is direct correlation showing that the longer a worker is unable to return to work the greater the risk of disability.

A Return to Work Case Manager is a member of the Mayo Clinic medical team and a liaison with your patient, their employer and you:

  • Translate your recommendations for activity into safe and appropriate tasks
  • Evaluate accommodations in the workplace that will make the transition to work easier
  • Keep you aware of what and how your patient is doing at work and at home
  • Make suggestions for prescribing activities from discussions with your patient
MN RETAIN Health Care Provider Training Modules

Medical providers have a key role to play in supporting their patients return to work plan. MN RETAIN has partnered with Mayo Clinic health care providers to develop three Health Care Provider Training Modules to assist you in evaluating your patients for return to work, writing functionally based recommendations, and understanding how other members of your healthcare team can help.

Provider Training Modules

Mayo Clinic
RETAIN Program Coordinator


Return to Work Case Managers play a key role in working with patients and their healthcare team to support the patient’s ability to return to work.

Module 1 – Introduction

Module 2 – Restrictions

Module 3 – Communication