About Us

The Minnesota RETAIN program’s primary goal is to provide early intervention strategies for workers to stay at work or return to work as soon as medically possible after an injury or illness, occurring on or off-the-job, impacts their employment. Minnesota RETAIN is different than many other stay at work/return to work programs because the Return to Work Case Manager is an integrated member of the worker’s medical team. 

Minnesota RETAIN also assists workers that cannot be accommodated in their regular job.  They may have the option of working with an Employer Outreach Specialist at Workforce Development, Inc. who might be able to create an individualized employment plan for the worker. 

RETAIN is a grant program funded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (DOL/ODEP) in partnership with the Employment and Training Administration and the Social Security Administration. 

MN RETAIN is a collaboration among and between the following organizations:

By working together, MN RETAIN hopes to support injured or ill individuals return to work as soon as possible.